Bremen Gardens & Parks

In Bremen, there are many parks for relaxation, enjoying nature or making a bicycle tour.
E.g. the entire city center is surrounded by the former fortification of Bremen, the Wallanlagen.

Bürgerpark, Bürgerweide & Stadtwald

he Bürgerpark north of the central station was designed by Wilhelm Benque in the 19th century and is one of the bestcultivated parks of the area. It is a paradise for walking, jogging or just relaxing.

Behind the Bürgerpark, there is the Bürgerweide and the city forrest (Stadtwald). Together, they have an area of about 200 ha. In the privately financed Bürgerpark, there also take place events like concerts or sports events. On the Bürgerweide, the funfair (Freimarkt), fleamarkets as well as the Osterwiese (Easter market) take place regularly.

28209 Bremen
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The Wallanlagen surrounding the entire city center are Bremen’s oldest public park and based on the city fortification of the 17th century. When you walk from the main station to the Markt, it is hard to miss the park because of the striking typically Dutch windmill.

Am Wall
28195 Bremen

Knoops Park

Like the Bürgerpark, the Knoops Park in the north of Bremen also was designed by Wilhelm Benque. It combines elements of an English as well as an Italian garden of Renaissance style.

Auf dem hohen Ufer
28759 Bremen

Rhododendron Park

In this park, you find a unique variety of rhododendrons and azalea from throughout the world. When you want to enjoy the blossom of the flowers, it is best to go there in April or May. In the Rhododendron Park, there is also the “Botanika”, a science center dealing with plants

Deliusweg 40
28359 Bremen
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Park Links der Weser

The Park Links der Weser is really great for walking, bycicle tours or boat trips on the River Weser.

Hohenhorster Weg 77a
28259 Bremen
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