Bremen Food & Drink

It won’t be a problem to find a nice cafe, restaurant or bar in Bremen when you just walk along.

In Boettcherstrasse or the Schnoor, there are many opportunities to choose from.

For cheap food, it is best to go to the students’ area “Das Viertel”.

Along Ostertorsteinweg, there are many cafes. This is the right place for having a drink as well. Many cafes and bars are also located at the Schlachte promenade. .
You should definitely try one of the specialities of Bremen that are served in many places. Although you might not have heard of many of them, it is at least worth trying. Typical specialities include for example Labskaus or Knipp. Labskaus is a mixture of pork or beef and herring, potatoes and onion. Knipp is pork with onions and potatoes. Kohl und Pinkel is a dish with green cabbage.

All these specialities are served for example in the restaurant Flett in Boettcherstrasse that is worth a visit just for its interior anyway, although a bit touristy as it is directly opposite the Glockenspiel Haus.

Typical sweets of Bremen are for example Bremer Klaben, Kluten and Babbeler. A popular place with a huge variety of homemade sweets is the Chocolatier Hachez at the Markt or one of the bakeries in the Schnorr.

Boettcherstrasse Restaurant Flett
Böttcherstrasse Restaurant Fleet